slow motion existential catastrophe (set to music)

Algorithm and Blues: Callum Easter EP Launch at The Biscuit Factory (24/11/16)

Easter’s… whole future shock, fake moon-landing aesthetic, is underpinned by a dues-paid knack for songcraft and an intimate lyricism.

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“You shall have no other gods before me. You shall not make for yourself a graven image, or any likeness of anything that is in heaven above, or that is … Continue reading

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Boredom: Disgusting Luxury in the Ipsos Mori Toilets

Image: @nonideefixe Video-game theorist Ian Bogost urges us to Play Anything to avert boredom. Simply put, his new book instructs us to transform the boring into the extraordinary by treating … Continue reading

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Eclectrc Panoptic: Post-Humanism and the Future of Rocketry

Paypal-inventor and SpaceX-rocketeer Elon Musk believes we live in a computer game. Not Space Invaders naturally. The graphics are too crude and we would have noticed our houses slowly disintegrating … Continue reading

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Just What Is It That Makes Second Albums So Difficult… And Yet So Appealing?

Snide Rhythms for real: William Macconnaiche (guitar), Colvin Cruickshank (vocals & keys), Graeme Wilson (drums) and Olly Ridgewell (bass). After line-up changes and a ‘difficult’ new album, Edinburgh’s favourite post-punk machine funk … Continue reading

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Zed Penguin live at the Wee Red 11/4/15

Zed Penguin mastermind Matthew Winter in full lyrical flow The Zed Penguin is a rare breed. Part phonetic alphabet bookend, part flightless aquatic bird and part Edinburgh’s erratic answer to … Continue reading

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I go to MacDonald Road public library to do some writing. It’s busy. The only seat is at a small corner table occupied by a tramp catching a nap. I … Continue reading

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